Recent Cases

Conspiracy to Traffic in Marijuana

United States v. Danall Swinney, Western District of Kentucky. Client indicted as a member of a conspiracy to import, transport and distribute marijuana from Texas to Kentucky.  Got client released on his own recognizance after a contested detention hearing.  Client faced a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence.  Negotiated and obtained a plea agreement for client…. Read more »

United States v. David Farnsworth, Western District of Kentucky: Probation!!

US v. David Farnsworth, US District Court, Western District of Kentucky, Case 3:16-CR-00136-CRS.  Client charged in large scale fraud conspiracy.  Client’s Sentencing Guideline calculation was 27 to 33 months.  At sentencing, based upon my sentencing memo and argument, I was able to convince the judge to probate my client with no jail time.  

Possession & Distribution of Child Pornography

US v. Gary Brown, US District Court, Western District of Kentucky, CRIMINAL NO. 3:12-CR-73-H. Client charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. Client had the largest collection of child pornography ever discovered in the United States. The client faced a maximum sentence of 140 years in prison. Despite the huge number of pornographic images… Read more »

Sale of HGH and Peptides To Undercover Agent

US v. Ronald DeFranco, US District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Case No. : 2:13-CR-00182-DWA. Client owned and operated a peptide and chemical research website. Client sold human growth hormone and peptides (with instructions on human usage) to an undercover FDA agent. Search warrant executed on client’s home and client admitted to the crimes. Client… Read more »

Steroids Manufacturing & Distribution

US v. Nicholas Cangiano, US District Court of Nebraska, Case No.8:12 CR 169. Client was leader of nationwide conspiracy to manufacture and distribute steroids. Largest steroid bust in history of state. Client decided to withdraw motion to suppress search warrant and take a plea deal in light of the 20 year mandatory minimum he was… Read more »