Louisville Federal Mortgage Fraud

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Financial Institutions/Banking fraud/Louisville Federal Mortgage fraud

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Nick Mudd PLLC has represented numerous individuals and corporations under investigation for Louisville federal mortgage fraud. Federal and state law enforcement agencies are particularly aggressive in these areas because of federal involvement in the banking and mortgage industries through the FDIC and FHA and GSE (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) loan programs.

Bank fraud and Louisville federal mortgage fraud are federal crimes punishable by lengthy prison terms. In many cases, additional charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy or money laundering may be leveled, raising the stakes and providing prosecutors with leverage. Being indicted with these offenses can result in employment termination, professional license sanctions and other consequences.

Nick Mudd PLLC has the experience to represent any of the players involved in the banking/real estate game: real estate developers, realtors, mortgage brokers, bank executives, appraisers, residential or commercial property owners, and individuals or business owners seeking real estate loans. Louisville Federal Mortgage fraud cases involves issues such as:

  • Appraisal fraud   Collusion between lenders and independent appraisers to inflate the market value
  • Strawman purchase   Using a creditworthy “middleman” to obtain a mortgage on behalf of a buyer who has no intention of paying back the loan
  • False statements   Providing false or forged documents regarding income, employment or homesteading to qualify for a loan
  • Foreclosure fraud   Offering to “rescue” a distressed homeowner and absconding with the upfront fees or fraudulently taking title to the home
  • Kickbacks   Bribes to bank officials or mortgage company in exchanging for approving unsuitable loans

In many cases, homeowners, straw buyers, real estate agents or loan officers who have themselves been duped are caught up in a larger fraud investigation. Whether you are innocent or involved, it is important to talk to an attorney before making any statements to authorities. Your own words or any actions that do not follow the letter of the law will be used against you.

Louisville Federal Mortgage Fraud defense lawyer Nick Mudd PLLC can possibly help a client avoid indictment or get unfounded charges dismissed. If you are charged with fraud or other crimes, they will exhaust your defenses and go to trial if necessary to avoid a conviction or mitigate the penalties

Federal Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyer

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