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Demand an attorney that stands up for you! Someone that puts your trial outcome at the top of his priorities, not someone that looks at the dollar as the bottom line. Don't settle for an attorney that is incapable of getting results. You need J. Clark Baird, a federal criminal defense attorney.

As evidenced by his outstanding track record and his overwhelmingly positive reviews, you know he means business in the courtroom but is also dedicated and concerned with his clients' well-being. No matter what trouble you or a loved one are experiencing, be sure to get in touch so we can help.

Kentucky Federal Criminal Lawyer

Kentucky Federal Criminal Lawyer Nick Mudd Will Fight For You!

Under federal investigation?

Indicted or Arrested?

Don’t wait till it’s too late!

Contact Kentucky federal criminal lawyer Nick Mudd ASAP.

Never speak to Federal Law Enforcement without your lawyer!!!

Nick Mudd is a Kentucky federal criminal lawyer whose office is located in Louisville, Kentucky, but whose practice stretches out to both counties across the state of Kentucky and federal courts across the nation.  Attorney Mudd recently received the 2015 Nationally Ranked Top 10 Under 40 Attorney Award for Excellence in Criminal Law by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Mr. Mudd is also a member of the prestigious National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Mr. Mudd has practiced federal courts all over the country:

Western District of Kentucky, Eastern District of Kentucky, Southern District of Indiana, District of Nebraska, Southern District of Texas, Southern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, Middle District of Tennessee, Eastern District of Tennessee, Southern District of Ohio, District of Arizona, the Eastern District of Missouri, Southern District of West Virginia, the Western District of Pennsylvania, the Eastern District of North Carolina, and the Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals.

In the legal field, he has a reputation for being aggressive and innovative in litigation. Mr. Mudd personally handles all of his cases to ensure that each of his client’s personal needs and concerns are met. He understands how the legal system can intimidate the average person.We utilize exhaustive professional investigation procedures, thorough documentation, high-tech research, intensive witness preparation, and bold pre-trial motions throughout the course of your criminal case to protect your rights and defend you.

Don’t wait till it’s too late! If you have been contacted by the police/law enforcement agents, then call Kentucky federal criminal lawyer Nick Mudd. If you have been indicted by a grand jury, contact Kentucky federal criminal lawyer Nick Mudd. If you have received an investigative letter, then call Kentucky federal criminal lawyer Nick Mudd. If you have been arrested, then call Kentucky federal criminal lawyer Nick Mudd. If you are under investigation or are a suspect in a crime, contact Kentucky federal criminal lawyer Nick Mudd!

Nick Mudd’s federal criminal defense practice is a nationwide practice that extends beyond arrest and trial.  Attorney Nick Mudd has represented clients in pre-indictment investigations and was able to prevent his clients from being charged!  Attorney Nick Mudd has successfully represented clients on motions for shock probation and early termination of supervised release. He has successfully represented clients in defeating motions to revoke their probation or their bonds.  Federal criminal defense attorney Nick Mudd has successfully represented clients in the expungement of criminal charges.  Nick Mudd has represented criminal defendants in sentencing hearings at both the state and federal level.  He is also available for criminal appellate work at both the state and federal level.

The criminal justice system is both frightening and confusing. It’s not a system that you ever want to face unprepared, particularly with a case as complicated as federal criminal cases can be.  Don’t take a chance on a typical “criminal attorney” who will treat your federal criminal case like a minor state charge. Contact federal criminal defense lawyer Nick Mudd immediately and let him begin to defend your case and more importantly, your life!

Here are three guarantees in the criminal defense practice of Nick Mudd:

1.   We will take the time to explain the law, your options, and the potential outcomes of your case in crystal-clear language. And before you go to court, we will spend the time necessary to make sure we understand your concerns and priorities, as well as properly prepare you for court.

2.  We will challenge the case against you, thoroughly investigate the evidence, outwork the prosecutor, and present a compelling argument to the Judge/Jury on your behalf.

3.   We will keep you informed of the progress of your case at all times.

See our Firm Overview page to learn how we provide top notch federal criminal defense to our clients.

Contact our office today to see how we can assist you:  Nick@MuddLegalGroup.com or call us 24/7 at (502) 536-8062!!

DO NOT TALK TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS OR ALLOW THEM TO SEARCH!  EXERCISE YOUR SIXTH AMENDMENT RIGHT TO COUNSEL AND DEMAND TO SPEAK TO YOUR LAWYER!!  Contact Louisville, Kentucky federal criminal lawyer Nick Mudd immediately for assistance:  (502) 536-8062‬ or Nick@MuddLegalGroup.com or After Hours 24/7 at (502) 536-8062!

Nick Mudd understands the importance of  lawyer/client communications.  Therefore we use secure emails, secure text messaging and secure phone calls to completely insure that your communications with our office are confidential.  If you have a concern about this issue, please let us know immediately when you contact us so we can proceed with secure communications!!!

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