Sale of HGH and Peptides To Undercover Agent

US v. Ronald DeFranco, US District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Case No. : 2:13-CR-00182-DWA. Client owned and operated a peptide and chemical research website. Client sold human growth hormone and peptides (with instructions on human usage) to an undercover FDA agent. Search warrant executed on client’s home and client admitted to the crimes. Client was already on federal supervised release on another federal drug crime. This was client’s third federal drug case. Client picked up a felony drug case in state court while out on release in federal case. I won hearing on the US’s motion to revoke my client’s bond. Facing an enhancement for career offender and facing a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison, Client took plea offer I negotiated and had 8 of the 11 charges dismissed. Client received a 27 month sentence.