Kentucky State Criminal Defense Law

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Kentucky State Criminal Defense Law


Louisville, Kentucky criminal lawyer Nick Mudd is a well-known trial lawyer who practices across the Commonwealth in both state and federal court.  Attorney Baird practices in counties in the Louisville area such as: Shelby County, Bullitt County, Meade County, Oldham County, Hardin County, Hart County, Marion County, Spencer, Henry County, and Breckenridge County.  Mr. Baird also practices out of his Western Kentucky offices in counties in the western part of the state:  Ohio County, Butler County, Muhlenberg County, Logan County, Todd County, Warren County, Daviess County, Henderson County, McCracken County, Grayson County, Christian County, Hopkins County, etc.  Attorney Baird also has extensive experience practicing in Central and Eastern Kentucky counties:  Jessamine County, Fayette County, Scott County, Clark County, Woodford County, Franklin County, Bourbon County, Harrison County, Madison County, Pike County, Johnson County, Floyd County, Clay County, Laurel County, Jackson County, Rowan County, etc.  And Nick Mudd practices Kentucky criminal defense law in Northern Kentucky:  Kenton County, Boone County, Gallatin County, Campbell County, Carroll County, Trimble County, Owen County, Grant County, etc.  Finally Attorney Baird has practiced criminal defense in Southern Kentucky counties:  Allen County, Barren County, Adair County, Pulaski County, etc.

If you have questions about Kentucky criminal defense law, contact our office.  If you don’t trust a local lawyer in your town, contact us.  If you want a lawyer with extensive experience in high level criminal defense practicing across the courts of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, then contact Nick Mudd criminal defense attorney.


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