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Demand an attorney that stands up for you! Someone that puts your trial outcome at the top of his priorities, not someone that looks at the dollar as the bottom line. Don't settle for an attorney that is incapable of getting results. You need J. Clark Baird, a federal criminal defense attorney.

As evidenced by his outstanding track record and his overwhelmingly positive reviews, you know he means business in the courtroom but is also dedicated and concerned with his clients' well-being. No matter what trouble you or a loved one are experiencing, be sure to get in touch so we can help.

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Louisville Federal Criminal Attorney Nick Mudd works tirelessly days and nights on behalf of his clients.

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Client Testimonials on Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Nick Mudd:


Clark is awesome. He’s very aggressive but also seems to care about his client. He’s very quick to respond to emails and calls, meets with my when needed and even if I just need a little hand-holding. He knows his stuff and I feel at ease knowing he’s on my side.

Posted by Wendi

Best in the biz

Mr Mudd treats me as if I am his #1 client. Always fast to respond with researched and knowledgeable advice instead of generic answers like other attorneys have given me in the past. My life would be very different (for the worse) if it wasn’t for my representation by Mr Mudd.
Attorney Nick Mudd is the best!

Posted by Adam.

Attorney Nick Mudd is the BEST

I had worked with clark previously, and he has been great. Since i have turned my life around, he has not only helped me get custody of my children back, but he has now represented me in the completion of my diversion process. He has been very helpful and respectful in all matters. We are now furthering this process by completing the process by having my record expunged. I am very grateful for all that he has done for me and my family.

Posted by client.


The best Attorney in Louisville

Mr. Mudd is the very best Attorney in Louisville. Very professional in every situation. He keeps me informed on everything and has a very very approachable Demeanor. I consider him apart of my family as he has helped a lot of my family members. Whether it be for advice or legal matters. I can call him on a Saturday or Sunday morning and he is there right away to help. He has been with my family through tears and laughter. I recommend Nick Mudd to anyone that is searching for legal representation.

Posted by LaToyia

Very professional and helpful

Jonathan Mudd was a great help to my situation. I had a traffic violation issue with the court, and although I had tried to handle things on my own, I felt that I was having so much trouble trying to get information from the court. It was a huge weight on my shoulders, and I was very stressed in trying to make sure that I did everything correctly. Jonathan had me forward the documents to him, and he had taken care of everything for me from that point on, answering all of my questions, and filling in the gaps of missing information. His help was such a relief to me, and it allowed me to go back to focusing on my life quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend him for your needs.

Posted by a client.


His Bite is Worst than His Bark

Clark handled my case. He was not only a proficient attorney but he was aggressive in the court room and out. He did not let decorum stand in the way when it came to protecting my interests. This is something you don’t see will many attorneys and I know this because I had another attorney prior to Nick Mudd. Too many attorney don’t want to be aggressive because they fear retaliation or alienation. Clark was not afraid to push back. He did a great job with what we had to deal with.

Posted by Carl

This attorney is an absolute PRO!

Mr. Mudd was very attentive to the case and brought a wealth of expert knowledge to the table. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, exactly when he said he was going to do it.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Excellent Attorney!

Mr. Mudd is very knowledgeable in all areas of the law. He was very thorough and on top of things when it came to my case. He is also available anytime I have a legal question, which is sometimes hard to find in an attorney. Highly recommend!

Posted by Lauren

JCB review

Mr. Mudd has always been very upfront and honest with me about what to expect, outcomes, etc.

Posted by D, a criminal client

Great lawyer don’t waste your money on the other guy, use Nick Mudd

Clark has always been there for me he got me out of prison and convinced the judge I just needed treatment for drug addiction I got treatment and now I own multiple businesses and am a productive citizen of society thanks to him. He now helps me with all my business matters. And is well rounded to take on any case with confidence and perseverance. He is relentless in the courtroom and always up front. And he always keeps an ace in the hole just in case. I will never use anyone but him.

Posted by Robert S., a Business & criminal client

Great lawyer who fights for you!

Clark has always been there everytime I need him, no matter what time of day. I’ve used him for everything and he is knowledgeable in every aspect of the law. He goes into the court room and owns it and it’s comforting to always have him there representing me at court. I could go on about how great he is but won’t have enough space!

Posted by Katie, a Criminal Defense client

Thanks Nick Mudd

Mr. Mudd was recommended to me by a mutual friend. At the time of my case I did not know fully how the legal system worked. Mr. Mudd was very informative helping me understand what the possible outcomes would be. I was incarcerated during part of my cases and Mr. Mudd kept me informed and gave me the sense that he cared for me as a person as well as a client. The outcome in court was far better than I expected. It was very clear he took time to fight for me to the best of his ability. I highly recommend Mr. Mudd’s services and see no reason to use anyone for myself.

Posted by MattEgg, a Criminal Defense client,

A counselor you can trust

Jonathan was able to advise me on issues related to the nutritional supplement business. His advice was pivotal in my decision making process, and he has never lead me astray.

Posted by Aaron

Professional Preventive Legal Assistance

Clark went through our operations with a fine toothed comb and gave us very strong suggestions on best practices to keep us safely within the boundaries of the law. We talk on a regular basis, which is a rarity given our past experiences with lawyers. He’s worth every penny of his retainer.

Posted by Rick

Nick Mudd The Man For The BodyBuilding Industry and More

I placed Clark on retainer over a year ago. Unlike most lawyers I’ve dealt with in the past Clark is always responsive, never leaves me guessing and keeps me informed. He has a passion for the sport supplement industry which was an important piece for me seeing I come from that background. I would highly recommend him for any of the following area’s family law, criminal law, personal injury, and the sports supplement industry. Clark has gone above and beyond the expectations I have set for him.

Posted by Lou, a Criminal Defense client,

Very satisfied client

Clark is by far one of the best attorneys I have had the pleasure to meet. First attorney I have felt like was genuinely out for my best interest and not just to make a buck. Great person with a wealth of knowledge, proud to recommend him and consider him a friend.

Posted by Jason, a Criminal Defense client.

Compassionate, informative, dedicated

Clark did an amazing job guiding me through one of the most difficult experiences of my life. He was compassionate, prompt, informative and kept my needs at the forefront. His professionalism and empathy make him a brilliant attorney!

Posted by K, a Domestic Violence client

Clark is a great lawyer…

Clark has represented me several times. Every time the outcome was better than I expected. He knows what he’s doing and made sure I knew what was happening at every step. He got me probation after a handgun incident. He also accompanied me to a police interview to make sure I was never charged with anything during a different investigation. I do and would call Nick Mudd for any legal matters I have.

Posted by Thomas, a Criminal Defense client

Two thumbs up

Mr Mudd has handled several mandates for my company. He has always been extremely diligent, and has provided valuable legal advice on many matters. I recommend him without hesitation.

Posted by James, a Business client

Helping Hand

Great job as a lawyer in a tough situation. He really helped me through the issue and explained what was going on and what my rights were.

Posted by a Mediation client

Best Attorney Around!!!!

I have dealt with many attorneys in my life and i have to say this is by far the best one i have ever worked with. He is always making sure we the clients are protected. This man never stops working. You can call or text him at 2 AM and he will respond. Constantly keeps me informed with what is going on in my industry. For the first time in a long time i am 100% comfortable with who i have representing me. Do not miss the chance to be represented by one of the best licensed attorneys around.

Posted by Yankeeboy, a Federal Regulation client

He’s a great attorney and fights for what you deserve…

Very trustworthy and answered all my questions…. He helped me above and beyond what I expected. I would use his services again!!!

Posted by Ashley, a client

5 Star Lawyer!!!

He has helped my husband in many ways and always had his back.

Stephanie Sharp Cravens


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