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Louisville, Kentucky Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Nick Mudd



Louisville, Kentucky federal criminal defense attorney Nick Mudd has represents clients in several areas of federal criminal defense practice:

Federal drug cases:  Nick Mudd has represented clients in cases involving almost every type of drug out there:  steroids, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, pills, HGH (human growth hormone), etc.  Attorney Mudd has also represented clients charged with offenses such as introduction of misbranded or mislabled drugs into interstate commerce, involving physicians and pharmacists and other professionals.  Finally our law office has represented clients in regulatory actions by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies.  Click HERE.

Federal child pornography cases:  Federal attorney Nick Mudd has represented clients on various charges involving child pornography or child exploitation.  Possession of child pornography, receipt of child pornography, distribution of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography are all serious federal criminal offenses our law firm defends.  Also we have represented clients involved in human trafficking and solicitation of a minor for sex.  Click HERE.

Federal white collar crime:  Criminal defense lawyer Nick Mudd has defended clients charged with federal white collar offenses:  money laundering, wire fraud, tax fraud, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, misbranded/mislabeled drugs, etc.  Our Louisville law firm also defends federal regulatory actions, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), export/import investigations, bank fraud, public corruption, vote fraud, campaign fraud, and other serious crimes. Click HERE.

Federal forfeiture actions:  Our Louisville defense firm has successfully represented clients against civil and criminal forfeiture actions involving significant amounts of cash and valuable property.  We have battled with the DEA, Homeland Security and other federal agencies attempting to seize our client’s property without any criminal charges being filed! Click HERE.

Federal gun charges:  Kentucky defense attorney Nick Mudd represents clients in many different federal firearms charges, including but not limited to: strawman purchases, importing across state lines, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, possession of a firearm by illegal alien or drug addict, possession of weapon of mass destruction, possession of incendiary device, possession of body armor/bulletproof vests, and unlawful trafficking in firearms. Click HERE.

Federal anabolic steroid cases:  Louisville attorney Nick Mudd has represented clients facing a number of different federal criminal charges involving anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs (PED’s):  possession of anabolic steroids, distribution of anabolic steroids, manufacturing anabolic steroids, possession of human growth hormone, possession of misbranded or mislabeled drugs, possession of legend drugs, etc.  Our Kentucky law firm has also represented clients in federal anabolic steroid investigations by various law enforcement agencies such as the DEA, the FDA, the FBI and Homeland Security.  We have been successful in assisting our clients in avoiding indictment or arrest. Click HERE.

Federal violent crimes:  Our Kentucky law firm defends federal violent crimes:  murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, bank robbery, etc.

Federal Wire Fraud/Mail Fraud:  These federal statutes are often misused in federal prosecutions.  It is essential to have a federal criminal defense attorney who understands how to defend these charges.

Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act crimes:  These federal crimes are investigated by the FDA Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI).  FDCA crimes can oftentimes be successfully defended when you are represented by a federal defense attorney experienced in this area.  Call our office now if you are facing FDCA charges!

Federal Color Of Law Crimes & Civil Rights Violations:  Attorney Nick Mudd has represented law enforcement officers who have been accused of criminal violations of an individual’s civil rights.  A conviction like this will destroy a defendant’s career in law enforcement.  Don’t try to represent yourself in an investigation!  Call our federal criminal defense firm first!

Federal counterfeiting crimes:  Attorney Nick Mudd defends clients indicted on charges involving counterfeiting goods and currency.

Federal Benefits & Loans Fraud:  Our criminal defense law firm defends Medicare and Medicaid fraud, welfare fraud, housing assistance fraud, educational loan fraud, SNAP fraud, food stamp fraud, etc.

Federal Petty Offenses:  We have represented clients charged with what are called “petty federal offenses” (otherwise known as misdemeanors).  These often occur in federal parks, military bases and federal buildings.  Charges such as federal driving under the influence (DUI), trespass, damaging government property and other various criminal charges.


Our criminal defense team also practices in state courts across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Learn more about our state court criminal defense practice here.


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